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We offer a variety of carpet fibers. The most popular type is Nylon , which has the largest share in fibre market. It is abrasion resistant and durable. It is a popular choice for areas which see heavy traffic ie where there is a lot of people because of its high retention feature.

The second option is Polyester . Even though they are not as good as nylon for high traffic, their quality has improved significantly in the last decade and today the technical specifications make them almost at par with nylon. They also are stain resistant, so it may be more durable.

Polypropylene is another option. This is used mainly for commercial properties. It may be used in Berber carpets. Though they are great for certain stains, there may be challenges for oil based stains – so you will need to take care.

The oldest option is Wool, the perennial favorite. It is luxurious and has a great feel to it. In climates of high humidity, it may not be the best choice as it tends to retain moisture. It may also be costly.

Other factors for choosing a carpet, check out

•  Density
•  Fiber Twists

Whatever is your choice, please be assured that we will carry all the leading brands and offer the best service for you. Call us for a consultation.