“ America’s Floor Center amazes me with their sheer range of products, but never once did I feel confused about the complexities and details, such was their detailed explanations. Thanks to them, our home is now again new!” prints, wovens and small
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  America's Floor Center
824 N. Hollywood Way
Burback, CA 91505
Phone: 818-954-8786

Americas Flooring offers complete installation services as well as material only quotations. Our mission is to provide the best possible service for you, our valued customer!

We focus on four main areas : Wood flooring, Carpets, Tiles and Hardwood Floor Refinishing. We work with you in every stage, right from selection of the material through to installation to ensure that you get the beauty and performance for many years to come.

Wood Flooring is a perennial favorite. It not only enhances the beauty and resale value of a home, but it also provides a better environment by trapping pollen and dust in your home. The products that we recommend are among the most aesthetic and durable in the industry.  




Carpets: America 's Flooring markets a wide range of branded carpets. We offer an extraordinary selection of colors, shades and finish so that different requirements can be accommodated. For any residential or commercial property, we can find a carpet which is appropriate for you.  




Tiles: We install a large variety of tiles – be it ceramic or porcelain tiles for the bathroom or kitchen, or latest design mosaic tiles, we make sure that our customers are happy.


Wood Refinishing: Want to change the look of your stale interior design? Wood Floor Refinishing may be for you. Give your room a makeover by using our signature wood refinishing service.