“ America’s Floor Center amazes me with their sheer range of products, but never once did I feel confused about the complexities and details, such was their detailed explanations. Thanks to them, our home is now again new!” prints, wovens and small
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  America's Floor Center
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We carry different gradations of hardwood floors in a wide range of colors, so you can surely get one which suits your home. You can choose between solid hardwood and engineering hardwood choices.

Solid Wood Floors is the true original. These floors are generally quite thick. The second option Engineering Hardwood (do not confuse with Plastic Laminates) is now very popular – it has a wear layer of maple, oak, birch, cherry etc. They are a more stable and affordable option.

Popular choices like Maple, Birch, Walnut and Oak are available.

Our trained experts will explain the different subtle variations which all contribute to a great wood floors. Notable points include

•  Indoor Humidity – How does it affect flooring?
We will explain the reasons why controlling indoor humidity is important to floors

•  Flooring Underlayment
Many buyers make mistakes when it comes to underlayment for their laminate floors. A lot of factors are used to determine correct underlayment like whether the subfloor is concrete, whether moisture can rise from subfloor etc.

•  Correct Measurement of Trim and Moldings
The accessories are important too! Let us explain the different moldings, transition strips, etc. which are available to you.

•  General Tips
Which one to choose – wood or carpet? What are the advantages? What are the maintenance tips?etc.